Hydro-Seeding Process:


The future lawn area or the lawn repair needs to be prepped. The ground must be cleared of all weeds and previous unwanted grass. The top 2-4 inches of the soil should be loosened or rough raked for ideal seeding conditions. It is possible to hydro seed over existing lawns in order to make lawn repairs and fill-in area’s.

The prep process is not included with the prices on this brochure. MauiScapes LLC. can provide a free-bid amount and perform the prep work as well as any follow-up work, at an additional charge.


It is time to Hydro-Seed your lawn. All area’s under 10,000 sq.ft. can be seeded in less than a day. We custom make every seed batch to contain enhanced fertilizers to promote vigorous growth.

The hydro-seeded area’s must be kept free of all foot and vehicle traffic for a minimum of 2-3 weeks! The newly seeded area MUST be watered during the growth period 4-6 times a day for 6-12 minutes (depending on site needs.) MauiScapes can offer irrigation solutions to provide ideal watering for your new lawn.


After the initial seed germination period is over proper  maintenance is required to ensure that a healthy lawn fills in.

In 2-3 months your new lawn will be grown in, with the proper care.

Mauiscapes LLC. offers maintenance packages that provide the highest level of landscape quality at an affordable price.

Grass Descriptions:

Annual Rye/Fescue Blend

Very Fast growing lawn, Good for Over-Seeding & Assisting other grass growth, Good for Lawn Repairs,Seasonal Coverage/Most Dies-Off, Full Sun/Shade

Bermuda - Jackpot

Semi-fast growing, Good for large lawns, Drought Tolerant, Traffic tolerant/Repairs fast, Prefers Full Sun/Partial Shade

Bermuda - Riviera

Semi-fast growing, Good for small lawns with pets/kids/high traffic, Drought Tolerant, Prefers Full Sun

Seashore/Salt Spray

Semi-fast growing, Tolerates Ocean salt spray/Grey water/Sandy soils, Full Sun or Partial Shade

Zoysia - Zenith

Fast growing lawn, Drought Tolerant, Slow growing = Less Mowing, Dense Coverage Chokes out Weeds, Full Sun/Shade Tolerant

Kikuyu “Pasture”

Semi-fast growing, good for pasture land where this grass is already established or erosion control, Full Sun/ Partial Shade

Kikuyu “AZ”

Semi-fast growing, good for lawns with kikuyu grass already, semi-Drought Tolerant, Traffic Tolerant, Full Sun/ Partial Shade

Stolon Varieties Available - (fastest lawn method)

Seashore paspalum, St. Augustine, El Toro - Zenith, and more! Call for prices.

Big or small, We SEED them all!

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