This includes a consultation with one of our educated staff members to address the issues  of your Maui property. The consultation consists of walking thru the property and; First, addressing the homeowners concerns. Then, addressing the immediate concerns and suggestions of the consultant. The consultation rates vary depending on the project.

Consultations Services available:

  1. -Video-Documentation Services:

        This is simply video footage of your property that is edited for easy-viewing. This is sometimes used to initiate the consult and design process.

This is used for:

Insurance Documentation Purposes

Real-Estate Appraisals

Security updates

Property damage /Storm Damage


- General Consultation:

This package is simply the consultant visiting you and your property and addressing the landscaping concerns on-site for you to then take action on.

- Complete Consultation:

This package includes a complete write up of the current and any foreseen future issues on the property. This write up can include design suggestions, pictures of “before & afters”, and any needed research on technical landscaping issues.

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